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Brand Boosting Videos

Power Your Digital Marketing with Brand Boosting Videos

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What are Brand Boosting Videos

These are simple but very impressive and attention grabbing short animation videos to brand your logo, company, products or for personal branding.

You can choose from one of the 40 Brand Boosting Videos Designs 1-40 listed below and we will customize the video for you.

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What kinds of branding can I do?

You could brand your company, your company logo, your products, your Facebook Pages and Groups and your personal brand. If you are in real estate, you can brand your property for sale.

How to use these brand boosting videos?

In the online world with so much competition for eyeballs, you really need to grab the attention of people. These short but impressive brand boosting videos would make strong impression for your branding.

You should make your brand present in everywhere.

You can post these videos in your Facebook timeline, Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups.

You can upload these videos to your Youtube Channel.

You can embed these videos in your websites.

You can post these videos in WhatsApp groups, WeChat groups, WeChat Moments.

Personally you can send these videos to your friends, customers and leads via your emails, whatsapp and WeChat individually.

How Much Would It Cost

Each customize video production is RM97.00

We have this special New Launch Discount of 48.5%.
The discounted price is RM47.00 for each video now.

The second and subsequent order in one batch has the special discount at RM37.00.

So the first order is RM47.00 and RM37.00 for each additional orders.

How To Order Brand Boosting Video

3 Steps

Step 1

You can look through the 40 Brand Boosting Videos Design 1-40.

You select the design that you like, for example Company Branding Video 2.

You can also select the design that you like, for example Company Branding Video 2 but you want it to brand your product. You can have all the options to combine the design with whatever branding you want to do.

Step 2

Click Get Started button at the right side.

Fill in on how to contact you by Email or Phone or Phone (whatsapp) or Skype.

In My Question, put in your prefer design, for example: 1 order for Company Branding Video 2.

Step 3

We will contact you to proceed with the order.